Supplier Quality Requirements

Ace Aeronautics (ACE) considers our suppliers of raw materials, outsourced services, test and calibration services and other critical component suppliers as an integral part of our success. This consideration and relationship has never been more important than today. A good relationship between Ace Aeronautics and our supplier base will provide:

  • Improvements in the quality of our products
  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Advantages in the Market Place
  • Customer and end user satisfaction and safety

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Ace Aeronautics continues in the quest for “World Class” status in our aerospace and aviation products and services. The formation of long-term relationships with our suppliers becomes a key ingredient in our strategy.


Section 1 - Supplier Development Program

The first step towards the “Preferred Supplier” status is to complete the “Supplier Information Package”. This will provide us with the necessary information about your organization:

  • Capabilities
  • Quality Business Management System status
  • Security and confidentiality measures in place
  • Business transaction information
  • Additional information based on the product or service being supplied.

This information will assist us in categorization as a “Quality Supplier”. We encourage all suppliers to be third party registered or compliant to at least ISO-9001 or AS-9100 Aerospace Quality System Standards at the latest edition. As an AS-9100 supplier we are required to use only top Quality Suppliers and we trust this is your goal also. A “Third Party Certificate of Accreditation” evidences compliance to ISO-9000 or AS-9100 series of standards. We encourage all our key suppliers to take this step. Mandates from our customer for approved supplier selection will dictate if your organization must possess a valid registration certificate. Compliance must be demonstrated by your organization and can be discussed with a Ace Aeronautics Quality Representative on how to achieve this status. If compliance is directed the requirements as listed in the ISO-9001 or AS-9100 standards will still be implemented and a compliance audit conducted by Ace Aeronautics personnel performed to ensure the system is effective and being followed at all times.

Section 2 - Ace Aeronautics Quality System Requirements

1.0 Shared Responsibilities

1.1 Ace Aeronautics must provide very clear, detailed purchasing requirements and information for purchased materials and services. This is detailed in the purchase orders issued to your organization by our Purchasing Personnel.

1.2 Purchase orders will contain the exact specification, drawing and standard numbers as well as the revision level that is to be used. It is the supplier’s responsibility to obtain the correct document and to ensure you have the latest revision level for use in our projects. Failure to conform to the specification or standard identified in the PO will be just cause for rejection.

1.3 Changes to our purchasing requirements must be documented and communicated to you in a timely manner. Ace Aeronautics Purchasing Personnel must approve all Purchase Order revisions prior to your acceptance of the change or revision. No verbal changes are accepted.

1.4 Adequate lead-time will be given to fill the purchase requirements based on your estimates and quotations and the PO.

1.5 Suppliers will be provided with feedback information regarding non-conformance to your performance. It is expected that immediate corrective action be taken by your organization and communicated back to us at Ace Aeronautics.

2.0 Supplier Evaluation System

2.1 All suppliers are perpetually monitored for performance on delivery and quality of the products and services we purchase from you the supplier. The supplier status is review and if a trend in either category is noticed you will be contacted by Ace Aeronautics Purchasing Personnel or our Quality Personnel for correction and actions that are needed to correct the issue or issues.

2.2 Rejected material is returned to the supplier at the suppliers cost and must be dispositioned and quality material returned.

2.3 Late deliveries to the accepted Purchase Order are grounds for cancellation of the order with no financial impact or responsibility on Ace Aeronautics or any of its divisions.

3.0 On-time Delivery

3.1 Due Dates as listed on the Purchase Order is the date the order / material is due on our receiving dock, not the ship date out of your facility. You are required to meet the date as listed or to communicate problems or delays to us in a timely fashion.

3.2 Continuous, on-time delivery of purchased product and services is critical to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

3.3 Ace Aeronautics performs a review of the pending receipts to identify any product or services that are not receive on the promised due date.

3.4 A notice is emailed or communicated to suppliers of product that has not been received requesting a firm date of shipment and reasoning as to why the purchased product is late.

3.5 You are required to respond with the required information within 24 hours of receipt of notice.

3.6 If a response is not received the status of an “Approved Supplier” is in jeopardy

3.7 This information is entered into the suppliers’ performance history and communicated to you as needed to maintain a good working relationship.

4.0 Supplier Quality Performance Communication

4.1 All product received at Ace Aeronautics is expected to be as documented on the purchase order and other related prints, drawings and specifications included with the purchasing information.

4.2 Ace Aeronautics will notify the supplier of defective material and its disposition and request information on any warranted corrective actions.

4.3 Corrective action will include documentation from the supplier as to what will be done to correct the Non-Conformance and improve the service in the future.

4.4 Debits will be issued for any rework, materials, or premium freight costs that are occurred by Ace Aeronautics

5.0 Supplier Performance Monitoring System

5.1 Suppliers will be perpetually monitored to evaluate your performance to Ace Aeronautics.

5.2 Suppliers who continually fail to meet the purchasing requirements / delivery requirements will be notified of the evaluation results and any required corrective actions needed. Corrective Action will be required to be able to continue as a supplier to Ace Aeronautics

5.3 Failure to correct poor performance in the future will result in removal from the active supplier list, and future purchases will be suspended.

5.4 If at any time you feel that a Non-Conformance has been unjustly issued, please contact the Ace Aeronautics buyer of record for clarification or discussion regarding the matter.

6.0 Resolution of Drawing / Print discrepancies

6.1 If there are discrepancies in any of the purchase requirements or related documentation such as drawings or specifications, please contact the buyer at the location shown in the purchase order information for resolution or clarification. At no time is the supplier to make any revisions or changes to the drawings and specifications, without first consulting Ace Aeronautics for approval. Do not assume you know the answer to any technical document questions or clarifications that are needed.

7.0 Premium Freight

7.1 Premium freight (for any of the listed reasons below) will be at the suppliers’ expense

  • Behind schedule to the due date
  • Material Shortages
  • Labor Shortages
  • Equipment Breakdowns

7.2 You will be required to notify Ace Aeronautics If for any reason you must expedite orders to us, as timing is critical in our process and delivery of product to our customers.

8.0 Surveys, Audits, and Inspection

8.1 At times, it may be required for Ace Aeronautics Personnel or our customers to inspect product at your location. If the need arises we will notify your organization in our purchasing documents or other documented means, and we will ensure that the visit is feasible.

8.2 Internal Audits may be needed to ensure that your Quality System is in place and is effective regarding compliance to the ISO-9001 or AS-9100 series of standards. Required audits will be coordinated with your management for scheduling purposes. You may conduct your own audits using a third party independent auditor who is fully certified in the quality system standard you are in conformance with.

8.3 We anticipate that you will cooperate fully with any requests for information. Survey forms and required information will be requested in writing and becomes part of your supplier performance files and records.

8.4 Source Inspection shall be completed by the supplier and recorded for the quantity of product as listed in the latest revision of “ANSI/ASQ Z1.4” attributes sampling.

8.5 AS-9102 (latest edition) First Article Inspection Report system is the preferred inspection process and is to be used on request as listed in the purchasing documents for all Firsts Article Inspections. The inspection results for the product being inspected are to be documented on an “inspection copy” of the drawing that is numerically sequenced (ballooned) to the inspection results records provided by your organization as verification and proof product meets the specified requirements.

Section 3 - Contractual Order Requirements

Print / Product Specification

1. It is imperative for you, the supplier and Ace Aeronautics the customer to ensure that the contract and order requirements are completely documented and understood.

2. Any incomplete, missing or conflicting information in the order, prints, and associated documentation, will be resolved and clarified through Ace Aeronautics Purchasing Personnel.

Part Marking Requirements

1. All products supplied to Ace Aeronautics must be correctly and positively identified on receipt.

2. Each part is to be serialized as outlined in the purchase order and drawing to identify the correct serial number sequence and locations for the application of the serial number on the individual product.

3. Small parts that are packaged in Boxes, Containers, and Plastic Bags or packages will be identified on each pack unit.

4. Any product not properly marked will be returned and considered a Non-Conforming Product, and made part of the suppliers’ evaluation system.

Non-Conforming Product

1. Non-Conforming Product must be correctly processed upon receipt at your location. All paperwork will state that the product returned was non-conforming with documentation certifying that the matter was resolved. Corrective Action will be required by Ace Aeronautics for nonconforming product received at our location.

2. If you identify Non-Conforming material while still in your facility. It is expected that you will segregate it and control it from affecting Ace Aeronautics.

3. Any Non-Conforming material that has been shipped in error to Ace Aeronautics and discovered to be “Defective” will require Ace Aeronautics be notified immediately so we can contain the material and quarantine it to prevent its unintended use in our facility.

4. Ace Aeronautics prior to Shipment must provide acceptance of known non-conforming material from your location.

5. A document specifically listing the following information is required to be sent:

  • Part Numbers
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Print Specification / Dimension and the amount of deviation from the requirements.
  • Actual Condition of the Non-Conforming part.

6. Appropriate Ace Aeronautics staff will make the decision to accept or reject the material and your shipping records for the stated material must identify the material and the Ace Aeronautics personnel providing authorization to ship the material.

7. The non-conforming product can only be shipped if signed concession is obtained from Ace Aeronautics and a copy of that is included with shipments to Ace Aeronautics.

Government, Safety & Environmental Regulations

1. All purchased materials used in part manufacture shall satisfy current governmental and safety constraints on restricted, toxic, and hazardous materials; as well as environmental, electrical, and electromagnetic considerations applicable to the country of manufacture and sale.

2. A current copy of any applicable SDS sheets associate with the product being sent to Ace Aeronautics must accompany each shipment.


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