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The ACE DECK VL-60 is the only integrated G5000H flight deck of its kind for the UH-60/S-70 family of helicopters.

Ace Aeronautics partners with Garmin to bring the G5000H, a premier integrated flight deck, to the UH-60/S-70 family of helicopters. The cornerstone of the G5000H is Garmin’s intuitive touchscreen Flight Management System (FMS) and Vehicle Management System. This Man-Machine Interface (MMI) raises the bar in ease of use, safety, and situational awareness for business and transport category aircraft.

In addition to the simple and powerful user interface, the G5000H utilizes new products and software that place the flight deck on the leading edge of avionics innovation. Garmin has partnered with business and rotorcraft aircraft manufacturers to bring the G5000H to more complex Part 25 and Part 29 aircraft. In 2013, the G5000H was certified on the Learjet 70 & 75 and Cessna Citation Sovereign+, followed by the Cessna Citation X+ in 2014.

Ace Aeronautics owns FAA Restricted Category Type Certificate R00005RC for UH-60A helicopters and the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) # SR01944WI to install the G5000H integrated flight deck into the UH-60 A/L/V or S-70 Aircraft.

Ace Aeronautics partners with Garmin to bring the G5000H, a premier integrated flight deck

Want to learn more about the ACE DECK VL-60?

  • Ace Deck Cockpit 1
  • Flight Displays
  • Touchscreen Controllers
  • Tactical and Strategic Worldwide Weather Solutions
  • Ace Deck Cockpit 1


    The ACE DECK VL-60 combines the proven tactical resources available through a Cockpit Management Unit (CMU) to seamlessly integrate tactical radios, tactical map sensors, survivability equipment, mission planning and mission computing into the G5000H suite.

  • Flight Displays

    With one of the most intuitive pilot-vehicle interfaces (PVI) available on the market, the G5000H provides the next generation of pilots the ability to more efficiently manage and control navigation and communication systems, traffic surveillance systems, flight management systems, electronic checklist entries, and audio/intercom systems, as well as optional charting, traffic, weather, and custom displays.
  • Touchscreen Controllers

    Utilizing Garmin GTC 575 Touchscreen controllers, the G5000H eliminates visual clutter. Mechanical knobs, buttons, and selector switches have been replaced with a series of 12.5" 4K UHD displays thereby providing operators easy, intuitive, and rapid access to aircraft systems and sensors. Each all-purpose display can function independently as a Primary Flight Display (PFD) or Multifunction Display (MFD). These displays can also function in multi-pane mode, displaying both PFD and MFD side-by-side on the same screen.
  • Tactical and Strategic Worldwide Weather Solutions

    Garmin Integrated Flight Decks offer operators around the world combined active radar and datalink weather solutions. Doppler-enhanced solid-state weather radar is capable of 3D volumetric scanning, turbulence detection, ground clutter suppression, and predictive wind shear. This weather radar is complemented by rich datalink weather in both North America (SiriusXM and SATCOM) and worldwide (via SATCOM), giving operators the weather information they need to make time-saving decisions that reduce operating costs.

ACE DECK VL-60 Attributes

Civil Pedigree

Tactical Agility

NEXTGEN/Single European Sky

Landscape Displays

Multi-Pane Capable Displays

Touchscreen Control

In-Flight Perf Management

High Resolution Displays

Synthetic Vision Technology™

Faster Troubleshooting

24/7/365 Support

State-of-the-Art MMI

Watch the ACE DECK VL-60 in action.

The Ace Deck Customizable Tactical Capabilities

Why upgrade to the ACE DECK VL-60?

FAA Next Gen Requirements

Address Current Obsolescence

Future low logistics cost due to the large number of commercial operators world-wide

  • Garmin named #1 supplier of avionics components for 13 years in a row
  • Aircraft On Ground (AOG) part replacement within 48 hours

Takes advantage of the tens-of-thousands of Garmin products flying world-wide by:

  • Reducing life-cycle cost through lower equipment costs
  • Providing long-term sustainment for hardware and software for well in excess of 20 years
  • Capitalizing on an existing world-wide distribution and support network

Provides a flexible architecture which allows for easy integration of 3rd-party radios, sensors and other mission equipment without impacting the G5000H core software