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UH-60 Blade Fold Kit

The UH-60 Blade Fold Kit enables Black Hawk blades to be folded quickly and efficiently.

The UH-60 Blade Fold Kit is a must for UH-60 operators. Our lightweight kit enables the folding of Black Hawk blades in a fraction of the time of traditional blade fold kits, takes fewer personnel, and maximizes hangar space.

Blade Fold Kit Benefits

  • Utilizes existing fold kit attachments on UH-60 tailboom without modification
  • Small crews can fold two blades in 8-12 minutes
  • Kit weight: 34 lbs
  • Folds and stows in a 56”x13”x13” duffel
  • Optional improved blade pole provides better control

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Mike Vasquez Explains How it Works

Credit: Vertical Magazine

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