• Civil Pedigree
  • Tactical Agility
  • NEXTGEN/Single European Sky Now
  • Landscape Displays
    • Multi-Pane Capable
  • Touchscreen Control
  • In-Flight Perf Management
  • High Resolution Displays
  • Synthetic Vision Technology™
  • Faster Troubleshooting
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • State-of-the-Art MMI

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In 2010, Garmin introduced the G5000H as a premier Integrated Flight Deck for turbine aircraft. The cornerstone of the G5000H is Garmin’s intuitive touchscreen Flight Management System (FMS) and Vehicle Management System. This Man-Machine Interface (MMI) raises the bar in ease of use, safety, and situational awareness for business and transport category aircraft. In addition to the simple and powerful user interface, the G5000H utilizes new products and software that place the flight deck on the leading edge of avionics innovation.

Since 2010, Garmin has partnered with business and rotorcraft aircraft manufacturers to bring the G5000H to more complex Part 25 and Part 29 aircraft. In 2013, the G5000H was certified on the Learjet 70 & 75 and Cessna Citation Sovereign+, followed by the Cessna Citation X+ in 2014. In 2012, Garmin announced that the Bell Helicopter 525 “Relentless” was the launch platform for the new Garmin G5000H avionics suite for Part 29 helicopters. Now, ACE and Garmin will bring the same advanced capability to the UH-60/S-70 family of helicopters.

Download the ACE DECK VL-60 brochure.

  • Meets or exceeds all EASA Single European Sky-SES
  • Takes advantage of the tens-of-thousands of Garmin products flying world-wide by:
    • Reducing life-cycle cost through lower equipment costs
    • Providing long-term sustainment for hardware and software for well in excess of 20 years
    • Capitalizing on an existing world-wide distribution and support network
  • Future low logistics cost due to the large number of commercial operators world-wide
    • Garmin named #1 supplier of avionics components for 13 years in a row
    • Aircraft On Ground (AOG) part replacement within 48 hours
  • No risk for obsolete components through 2030
  • Provides a flexible architecture which allows for easy integration of 3rd-party radios, sensors and other mission equipment without impacting the G5000H core software

Air Frame Options

  • All Aircraft Conformed to GASRCTC #R00005RC
    • With Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
  • Technical Publications provided
  • Baseline UH-60A with
  • PMI1&2 + Paint


  • UH-60A-to-L Recapitalization
    • Zero-Hour Airframe
    • New Dynamic Components
    • New Improved Durability Gear Box(IDGB)
    • New T700-GE-701D Engines

Mission Equipment Options

  • FLIR Systems SS 380-HD Family
  • Internal Hoist
  • Interdiction Officer Station
    • 5th Display System
    • Joystick Controller Access
  • Police/Marine Band Civil Radio
  • Weather Radar
  • 406 ELT
  • Traffic Surveillance Systems
  • Vehicle Health Management System
  • Integrated 4-Axis Auto Pilot
  • Aux Fuel
  • Weapon Systems
  • FRIES Capable
  • Hostile Fire Detection
  • Seamless Equipment Integration

Ace Aeronautics owns FAA Restricted Category Type Certificate R00005RC for UH-60A helicopters. ACE is pursuing a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to install a modern integrated flight deck that begins with the proven civil pedigree of Garmin avionics, but also allows for agile and robust design approaches to customize tactical capability.

  • Garmin G5000H Integrated Flight Deck
  • Avalex Mission Processor and Cockpit Management Unit
  • Advanced Mission Planning Options
  • Seamless integration of tactical radios, sensors, survivability equipment
  • Mission Equipment Options tailored to customer requirements

Flight Displays

With one of the most intuitive pilot-vehicle interfaces (PVI) available on the market, the G5000H provides the next generation of pilots the ability to more efficiently manage and control navigation and communication systems, traffic surveillance systems, flight management systems, electronic checklist entries, and remote audio/intercom systems, as well as optional charting, traffic, weather and custom display options.

The G5000H advanced widescreen aspect ratio displays provide a panoramic view of Garmin’s renowned SVT™ Synthetic Vision Technology. Using the system’s terrain alerting database, SVT enhances situational awareness by creating a “virtual reality” depiction of ground and water features, obstacles, and traffic in proximity to the aircraft. It provides a realistic picture of what lies beyond the nose of the helicopter – even in solid IMC or night VMC situations.

  • AceHawk2
  • AceHawk3
  • AceHawk3

Download the ACE DECK VL-60 brochure.

Touchscreen Controllers

Utilizing Garmin GTC 570 Touchscreen controllers, the G5000H eliminates visual clutter. Mechanical knobs, buttons and selector switches have been replaced with a series of large, WXGA high-resolution displays thereby providing operators easy, intuitive, and rapid access to aircraft systems and sensors. Each all-purpose display can function independently as a Primary Flight Display (PFD) or Multifunction Display (MFD). These displays can also function in multi-pane mode, displaying both PFD and MFD side-by-side on the same screen.


SATCOM Weather, Talk & Text

The G5000H is highly configurable, upgradeable and can support technology as it becomes available, including NextGen and Single European Sky (SES). Options such as traffic receivers, satellite weather and communications, and digital radar can be easily added. In addition to the effort placed on advancing the man-machine Interface, Garmin continues to enhance current products while developing new products that offer increased capability and reliability, reduced size, weight, and power, while improving situational awareness and overall safety.

  • The ACE DECK VL-60 offering includes:
  • Comprehensive Flight Management System (FMS) capabilities with Performance Planning: FMS capabilities deliver performance and cost saving features such as SBAS navigation and approaches, GBAS approaches, Baro VNAV, RNP AR approaches (down to RNP 0.1), takeoff and landing calculations (TOLD), Enroute Performance, Cost Indexing, and more.
  • Tactical and Strategic Worldwide Weather Solutions: Garmin Integrated Flight Decks offer operators around the world combined active radar and datalink weather solutions. Doppler-enhanced solid state weather radar is capable of 3D volumetric scanning, turbulence detection, ground clutter suppression, and predictive wind shear. This weather radar is complemented by rich datalink weather in both North America (SiriusXM and SATCOM) and worldwide (via SATCOM), giving operators the weather information they need to make time-saving decisions that reduce operating costs.

Download the ACE DECK VL-60 brochure.

Garmin GWX Weather Radar

  • AceHawk9Integrated Aircraft Maintenance and Management Tools: Garmin Integrated Flight Decks include an extensive suite of tools and features that provide an integrated multi-level approach to maintenance and diagnostics for improved troubleshooting efficiency and aircraft availability. Embedded Built-In Testing (BIT), highly integrated maintenance diagnostics pages, automatic system testing and rigging, supplement a highly configurable central maintenance computer for customer specific diagnostics pages. These features reduce the time and cost for fault isolation, reduced the need to reproduce issues to isolate root causes, improve aircraft availability with more efficient and expedition maintenance, and eliminate the need for peripheral maintenance equipment by integrating the functionality into the displays.
  • Global Connectivity and Flight Data Services: Worldwide voice and data services via SATCOM and VHF over ACARS and ATN include CPDLC, FANS, fleet tracking, maintenance data transmission, messaging, and worldwide weather.
  • SurfaceWatch: Garmin’s fully-integrated runway surface guidance and awareness system displays detailed airport diagrams on the moving map, along with advisory aural and visual aids and annunciations on the PFD and MFD, to help avoid potential runway incursions and excursions during ground and air operations in the airport environment.
  • Vivid, High Resolution, and Widescreen Displays: High resolution touchscreen displays with customizable multi-pane capabilities, clean bezels, enhanced LED backlighting, advanced video capability, and extraordinary clarity.
  • Synthetic Vision Technology™: The “must have” feature that revolutionized situational awareness, SVT is available on Primary Flight Displays.
  • Advanced Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS–B) Technology: The GIFD offers a seamless and integrated path to meet the demands of air traffic modernization initiatives around the world. Highly accurate WAAS/SBAS position information is utilized while broadcasting aircraft identity, state and intent data (DO-260B compliant) to air traffic control. Garmin has integrated ADS-B In information into our traffic systems, allowing for enhanced situational awareness with features such as 3D traffic with SVT, TerminalTraffic™, TargetTrend™, and more. These technologies provide pilots with the most comprehensive picture of ADS-B-equipped aircraft and vehicles on the ground and in the sky.
  • TCAS II Traffic System: Garmin’s TCAS II hybrid traffic system blends active interrogation with ADS-B Extended Squitter targets to provide a unique and more accurate traffic solution.
  • Audio Processor: A versatile, expandable, integrated, and fully-digital audio processor capable of performing Text-to-Speech, Automatic Speech Recognition, and 3D audio.

Tactical Agility

The ACE DECK VL-60 combines the proven tactical resources available through the AVALEX ACM9454 Cockpit Management Unit (CMU) to seamlessly integrate tactical radios, tactical map sensors, survivability equipment, mission planning and mission computing into the G500H suite. The ACE DECK VL-60 has one of the most intuitive civil and tactical aviation pilot-vehicle interfaces (PVI) available on the market. AVALEX and The Garmin G5000H provides the next generation of pilots the ability to more efficiently manage all aspects of mission execution in one system.

Night 3

PFD Normal Full Mode

PFD Normal Full Mode

MFD Normal 20/80 Mode/FLIR

MFD Normal 20/80 Mode/FLIR

PFD Normal 60/40 Mode

PFD Normal 60/40 Mode

MFD Normal 20/40/40 Mode

MFD Normal 20/40/40 Mode

Download the ACE DECK VL-60 brochure.


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